Reflective Tape



  • Square or Rectangle : Your sign will be cut as a standard square/rectangle at the size you have selected.

    Circle or Oval : Your decal will be cut as a standard circle/Oval at the size you have selected.

    Custom + Border : Your decal will be cut to the general shape of your design with a 5mm - 10mm border of material around it.

    Custom Only : Your decal will be cut to the exact shape of your design.

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Product Description & Info

Enhance night-time safety with the superior reflectivity performance of V-6700 Conspicuity Tapes. This product increases the visibility of trucks and trailers during night-time driving. It can help to reduce accidents, prevent injuries and decrease related costs such as repairs and insurance expenses.

V-6700 Conspicuity Tapes are durable, easy to apply, provide superior night-time reflectivity and are available in 3 colours – white, yellow and red.

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What is a self-adhesive vinyl?
Self-adhesive vinyl is a flexible material you can print your custom graphics on. Widely used in signage in printing industry self-adhesive vinyl stickers are a main printed product used for car wraps, signage applications or window graphics. Vinyl stickers are very often sold with a matt or gloss laminate that protects the graphics against UV light, tear or damages.

Where I can use a self-adhesive sticker?
You can use your vinyl sticker or any flat, smooth surface indoor or outdoor. They can be applied on glass or acrylic, plastic surfaces, metal or aluminium surfaces or even to cover another vinyl sticker. Before buying your vinyl stickers make sure you have selected sticker with the right level of stickiness.

What are the types of self-adhesive vinyl stickers?
There are various types of self-adhesive vinyl stickers, depending on their durability, lifetime and purpose, your graphics can be printed on removable vinyl that you can easily take of the surface, normal tack vinyl for standard applications and high-tack vinyl for uneven surfaces and painted walls or wood.

How long does the self-adhesive vinyl last?
A self-adhesive vinyl sticker can last from 1 to up to 12 years. The lowest grade of monomeric vinyl can last somewhere between 8-12 months without any visible shrinking or melting. Standard polymeric vinyl has a lifespan of 2-5 years – this is our most commonly used material. Cast vinyl can last as long as up to 12 years if maintained properly.

How to apply self-adhesive vinyl sticker?
To apply a vinyl sticker on the flat surface simply remove the backing paper and spray the sticky back with water. Apply it carefully on the flat surface, clean surface. Use your bank card to slowly push all the water and air out by pressing it down and moving left to right over the surface of the sticker with medium pressure all the way down. In extreme cases, you can use a pin to puncture the air bubble and remove the excess of water from the underneath of vinyl.

Who can you design sticker for me?
Our creative designers at Printex are more than happy to do so. You will be able to see the final preview with a proof of your artwork and approve it before any production process will commence. Please keep in mind that once approved artwork cannot be changed anymore. Please make sure the artwork and changes you’re approving are correct.


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