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    » Please note that single sided banners only come in sets of 2

    » Please note that single sided banners only come in sets of 2

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Product Description

Flag banners are the perfect outdoor and indoor signage solution for drawing attention to your business, product, or promotion. Beautiful flag flags printed using a full color dye-sublimation digital printing process on polyester fabric. Comes in three different types & sizes.

Product Specs

  • Sold in sets of 2, info below is per unit
  • 2 x poles: aluminium
  • accessories: 2 x rods: fibre • 1 x ground spike: steel
  • bag: polyester oxford • carry bag included
  • banner skin included • polyester warp knit •  anti-fray
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Flag Banners Product Data Sheet (pdf)

Arcfin Design Template – 2m (pdf)

Arcfin Design Template – 3m (pdf)

Arcfin Design Template – 4m (pdf)

Sharkfin Design Template – 2m (pdf)

Sharkfin Design Template – 3m (pdf)

Sharkfin Design Template – 4m (pdf)

Telescopic Design Template – 2m (pdf)

Telescopic Design Template – 3m (pdf)

Telescopic Design Template – 4m (pdf)


How long will the print on the flags last?

All of our polyester flags are printed using the dye sublimation process which provides high quality print and vibrant colours.

When used internally (i.e. out of the sun and weather) these flags will last indefinitely.
When used outdoors the dye sublimated polyester flags will fade over time – and the amount of fading will depend on the amount of UV they are exposed to. As an indication we would expect the flags to last 6 – 12 months before fading when they are left outside all the time – but this could vary dramatically depending on the conditions they are exposed to.

What does single sided mirror reverse print mean?

The artwork is printed on one side of the flag so you see the correct image and colour on that side. The other side of the flag will display the mirror image of the artwork and the colour will have less vibrancy (as the printed image has bled through from the other side of the flag).

How are the double sided flags printed?

We print them on our SignWeave™ Block Out Polyester Material and sew them together (back to back) to get a high quality satin printed finish that can be read correctly from both sides

How can I remove any creases from the polyester fabric?

We recommend that you use a steamer to remove any creases from the polyester fabric. It is also possible to use a warm iron but important that you use an ironing cloth so that the iron does not contact the fabric.

Can I have objects and fences near my flag?

When assembling your flag we recommend to be mindful of its surroundings. To help minimise any damage it is best to make sure that your flag is placed in a way so that it is clear of buildings, bushes, sharp topped fences and other objects both when it is still and when it moves in the wind. This will help to avoid wear and tear and elongate the lifespan of your flag.

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