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    Product Description & Info

    Mesh banners are more appropriate for large size banners that will go on a building or a fence. Since the banners will be viewed from a distance the holes in the material are not visible.
    Also, the holes allow the wind to pass through and therefore longer life for the banner. Water Resistant. UV Resistant .

    Product Specs

    Material : 270gsm, 1000 denier banner
    Sides : SINGLE
    Finishing : MATT
    Minimum Size : 1m (w) x 1m (L)
    Maximum Size : 3m (w) x UNLIMITED (L)

    SKU: DLFP-038-MB Category:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are Mesh Banners?

    Unlike vinyl banners (which require wind slits cut into the vinyl if it is to be used outdoors), the weave or interlaced fabric of a mesh banner is breathable; it will actually allow air to pass through the mesh weave. This makes mesh banner printing ideal for installations in any outdoor location, even if it is quite windy. And, since mesh won’t tear like vinyl does, they generally last much longer.

    Even though the criss-crossed weave can make the mesh slightly transparent, fully color mesh banner printing with graphics, images and text is still possible. As well, mesh banners can also be finished with hemming and grommets similar to vinyl banners. With today’s capabilities for large format graphics printing, you can now find mesh banners commonly used as fence wraps for sporting events and on construction site fencing.

    What is the difference between mesh and standard PVC banners?

    Mesh Banners vs Vinyl Banners

    Whether you should custom print your advertising on mesh or vinyl will really depend upon several things. These may include where and how your banner will be located or installed, how long it will be displayed, and whether or not you need the image to show on both sides of the banner.

    Mesh banner wind load is higher than that of vinyl banners, which makes mesh banners ideal for outdoor installations such as:

    • Construction mesh banners
    • Builders mesh banners
    • Fencing mesh banners
    • Hanging mesh banners
    • Over the street mesh banners
    • Scaffolding mesh banners

    Mesh banners are typically composed of 70% vinyl and 30% mesh. This makes them lightweight, durable, and they generally outlast vinyl if kept clean and properly stored. A longer life span also means that mesh banners can also be repurposed more often than vinyl.

    While printing on vinyl can be less expensive than printing mesh banners, vinyl is more susceptible to being torn or damaged in high winds or severe weather locations.

    Will Banner Hems Help Protect My Banners?

    Quality Vinyl Banners require hemming to reinforce the edges of the banner. Hems provide the additional strength to your vinyl banner sign at critical points – around the edges and on every corner there grommets are set. It is twice as hard to pull apart hemmed banner as a simple cutout sign without any hems. All Mesh banners made at Printex include hems on all 4 sides.

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